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FAQ / Your Questions

General Questions

From what age can my child go to Musikschule Bremen?
We offer Eltern-Kind-Kurse (parent-child courses) for children from 2 years plus an accompanying adult. For 4 to 6 year old children there are special courses of Musikalische Früherziehung (music education for young children), for children from 5-6 years the instrumental lessons - depending on the respective instrument - can start.

Do you also offer lessons for adults?
Of course, adults can also learn an instrument with us or play in our ensembles for adults.

When is one too old to learn an instrument?

Can I have a free trial lesson with you?
Unfortunately not, but after the 1st lesson you can cancel free of charge.

Do you have a trial period?
During the first three months, the lessons can be cancelled in writing with one month's notice without giving reasons.

What is "Schnupperkurs"?
If we have free capacities, there is the possibility to try out an instrument over a small period of time - 6 x 30 minutes of individual lessons. After that, you can register for regular lessons.

What is IKARUS?
This is the abbreviation for our "Instrumentenkarusell" (instrument carousel). Here children can try out different instruments in small groups over a longer period of time. You can find more information => here

Can my child, who is now in 3rd grade, take part of Ikarus?
Our Instrumentenkarussell (instrument carousel) is originally designed for children in the 1st and 2nd primary school classes. If there are free places, we may also be able to enrol third graders.

Where do the lessons take place?
We teach in our three own locations in Bremen-Walle (currently Ellmersstr. 24), in Postamt 5 in the centre near the main railway station (An der Weide 50a) and in Bremen-Grohn (Friedrich-Humbert-Straße 121). We also use the premises of many public schools throughout Bremen and in Bremen-Nord.

Is there a waiting list?
Depending on the instrument, it may not be possible to start lessons immediately.

Is it possible to change instruments or teachers without having to re-register?
Discuss your wish with our colleagues in our pupil administration and fill in the form Ummeldung (reregistration)

Questions about playing in ensembles

My child or I would like to play in an ensemble at Musikschule Bremen. How do I register him/her/me?
Registration must always be made in writing via our form Ergänzungsfach (Orchester/Chor/Ensemble). However, please contact the respective ensemble leader first in order to discuss a favourable time for joining. You can find the contact details on our homepage Ensembles, and our colleagues in the student administration will also be happy to help you.

You or your child are not a pupil at Musikschule Bremen but would still like to join an ensemble, orchestra or choir. Is that possible?
Of course, external pupils are welcome to join our ensembles. However, they must pay an annual fee (in monthly instalments) for their participation. For pupils who have taken a instrumental lessons with us, participation is free of charge.

Can I play in more than one ensemble?
Yes, this is possible in principle.


Questions about registration and fees

How can I register myself or my child?
You can easily register yourself or your child digitally. Click here to go directly to digital registration. If you prefer to register by post, simply click here: Forms to print out
Our forms as PDF files are currently not barrier-free.

Are there also reductions for the lessons?
For social reasons, we grant reductions on the fees for elementary music education courses and for main subjects (instrumental lessons/vocals). Here you have an insight into our possible reductions

Is there a family reduction?
If at least two members of a family take part in the main subject lessons or a course in elementary music education, we grant a family reduction.

Is there a fee refund?
Fees will be refunded for lessons cancelled for reasons for which we are responsible as Musikschule Bremen.

What happens in case of illness of the student or teacher?
If lessons are cancelled by Musikschule Bremen, the fees for the cancelled lessons will be refunded. If pupils cancel their participation in lessons, the fees cannot be refunded by us.

What happens if the group size changes during the school year?
For example, if a group of 3 with 45 minutes becomes a group of 2 due to a move and the parents are not willing to pay more, the lesson time will be reduced to 30 minutes.

Do lessons have to be paid through during the holidays?
The tuition fee for main subjects and for courses in elementary music education is calculated
The fee for ensembles/orchestras/choirs is charged annually as a lump sum (divided into monthly instalments).

Is it possible to rent an instrument from Musikschule Bremen?
We have a large stock of musical instruments which we rent out to our students for a small fee - depending on availability.


How do I cancel the lesson contract?
Notice of termination must always be given in writing or by e-mail (informal) to Musikschule Bremen, Schleswiger Straße 4, 28219 Bremen, or to our e-mail

Are there any periods of notice?
The contract can be terminated after the trial period until the end of each school half-year with a 2-month notice period. If you wish to terminate your contract by 31 January, we must receive your notice by 30 November, or by 31 May if you wish to terminate by 31 July.